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the beach and found a new location in the dunes. Immediately began to touch and feel my penis which was hard to burst. I prevented them from going too far and put on the back and fondling her beautiful breasts and shaved pussy. The way he did, two fingers, which must be on foot, but the couple laughing on the ferry, bravovids which both saw exactly what we were doing. We felt immediately embarrassed. Both smiled and said. " Do not worry, we're all here to have a good time " then find a nearby location. We decided to cool to go swimming. We both love to swim naked. After about 30 minutes, went back to our towels on the dunes. On the way back I could not help but notice the couple were always laughing particularly interested in others. They masturbate each other, and did not notice, let bravovids us pass. My wife could not hide the fact that she has orgasms in the interest of girls. Then we saw and said hello again andWe met and shared what came
Quotes to our left and what remains of our picnic. The girl called Julie, my wife began to ask about shaving. My wife asked for its value to " do" outdoors. Do not worry, we're all watching and told me to go back to their towels. Later, both my wife bravovids and I was hot again and started playing. Lying on our side was only from behind - became bravovids one of our favorite positions when Julie returned to beat to get some ice cream and realized what was happening. We stop playing, but he said, "Carry On" and sat in front of my wife. As I sat back and forth, rubbing my wife Julie hips. My wife slowly opened her legs for me to push harder, but Julie noticed and started to massage my wife 's clitoris. The two immediately and my wife said, "Your friend does not miss you. " " Oh, he thinks that ice cream," he said. pleased with them both, Julie went with my wife to get the long awaited ice. Your friend could not understand why they so long. I'm sure she told him later!


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We remember one of our first experiences with out -door - sex. My wife and I love to disappear into the local nudist beach when we have the opportunity. She loves to wear short denim skirts and I know bravovids she loves little below the belt in white. on a warm summer day we were on the ferry trip and more young couple on the stairs, laughing behind us, I heard him say to the girl who can see my wife 's panties. Both turned, and looked around as he tries to look innocent. We bravovids were on the other side and then find the section nudist beach, fair treatment, in particular the application of a picnic and a place. After lunch, as he lay in the open sea was beginning to rub some suntan lotion, my wife became more and more horny and began suggestively. I suggested that the open beach was not the best place to mount my development and maybe we should wait until we got home. The wine had removed some of our inhibitions, and you wanted away in the dunes. went to